"When you've had Ranney Ranch beef, you just can't stand to eat anything else!" -Tod, Albuquerque NM
Free-range Grass-fed/Grass-finished Beef

At Ranney Ranch, in the beautiful high mesa country of central New Mexico, we raise Angus calves on nothing more than native grasses and mother’s milk, producing healthy and great tasting beef while using only the most humane handling techniques and sustainable land use management and grazing practices.

We have been at the forefront since 2004 producing and marketing entirely grass-fed/grass-finished beef and are proud to offer our superior young beef directly to customers nationwide. We sell online half and whole beeves and will arrange processing, dry-ageing, packaging (into 1-2 lb. portions), and shipping.

We are "Certified Grassfed" by the American Grassfed Association and also certified by Animal Welfare Approved.

Our eco-friendly practices were profiled recently in TIME magazine (2010).  Also see a story about our beef by Kim Severson in the New York Times Magazine (2010).  Nancy Ranney spoke at the Quivira Coalition Conference (2010) on "The Carbon Ranch: The Interplay of Range Management, Grassfed Beef, Wind and Biomass".  Visit the UNM Sustainability Studies Foodshed blog about their 2011 visit to the ranch.